Harvest energy from body movement -Green Suit | Technology Design




GREEN SUIT is made of PIEZOELECTRIC CRYSTALS which when associated with human body can trap the energy required in body motion or strain to generate enough power for the power charging requirements of devices like mobile phones, laptops ipods, body heating elements, exercising and massaging elements.

The piezoelectric crystal converts mechanical strain into electrical energy. This strain comes from human motion like walking, sitting, driving, running, sports, exercising, using mobile phone, computers, playing video games, cycling, carrying backpack, sleeping, laborious tasks like farming, etc and even relaxing. The piezoelectric ‘green suit’ can convert motion, pressure from the human body into electrical power and store for later use.

With the green suit we can harvest every movement of the all the humans and even animals. Animals can generate electricity for us without even knowing anything or having any sort of problems associated with it.

In the future we probably wouldn’t need to pay any power bills. All that rubbing and pressure and strain on the human body can be put to good use and we never wondered that all our daily tasks would eventually be beneficial to us in this manner too!



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