Iphone QWERTY Keyboard | Industrial Design

Update: USPTO Patent Pending.


A QWERTY keyboard tops the list of the features you would want in your Iphone.
Iphone represents a sleek design and simplicity, so it is important to preserve the feel of this iconic device while adding the QWERTY keyboard as an accessory. The Iphone QWERTY keyboard blends with the design of the Iphone along with its slim form factor.






The QWERTY keyboard offers a QWERTY slider tactile keyboard and a stylish impact case to protect your Iphone from bumps and bruises along with access to all the switches and jacks on your Iphone. Just fit your Iphone in the case while connecting the QWERTY keyboard’s port to the dock connector of your Iphone. Install the bundled App for Plug and Play functionality and to disable the virtual keyboard. The QWERTY keyboard will increase your typing speed on the Iphone along with reducing the typing errors.

Design also incorporates a finger rest at the lower end bottom of the case to get a comfortable hold while typing. If you don’t open the slider, you still have access to whole Iphone screen and the QWERTY keyboard for quickly typing something.

There is a female dock connector provided at the bottom of QWERTY keyboard for charging your Iphone while you can continue using the QWERTY keyboard. Connecting the sync jack or any other dock, the QWERTY keyboard disables itself. The design eliminates the need to detach the QWERTY keyboard

Materials-Polycarbonate (PC) /Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene(ABS), Carbon Steel for the slider rails.

Read the making of Iphone qwerty



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42 Responses to Iphone QWERTY Keyboard | Industrial Design

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  20. i200908 says:

    Great post. thank you! SEACSS

  21. Aditi says:

    Nice keyboard. Indeed useful.
    But I found a flow, that when not in use, the addon unnecessarily increases the length of the phone and the full body slider ring will be bad for antenna.

    Instead why not just put a rubber top keyboard, which can be pushed at the back of the phone when not in use, and bring it to top when u want to use it. No slide, but just a piece of rubber. Can you design it ?

  22. Altamash says:

    Hi Aditi,
    thanks for the comment.

    the explanation below could be helpful.

    When the slider closed, the Qwerty add-on just adds a centimeter to the phone’s length.
    Refer the side view of the qwerty.

    the full body is actually a case to protect the phone and the slider rail starts from below the screen.

    So wont affect the antenna. In fact, it will remove the iphone 4 reception issues as apple is also offering the same kind of bumper case .

    With no offense to your idea, correct me if I am wrong- When you are talking about “the rubber keyboard” u refer to silicone keyboard which are generally flexible . Sure I can design that but it will be loppy kind of a thing and wont be steady. besides they have a very small life. and doesn’t even give a good feel to the user and wont blend very well with the Iphone.

    thanks a lot for your valuable feedback. Feel free to comment.

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  24. This a truly great post and may be one that you should followed up to see what happens

    A mate e-mailed this link the other day and I will be desperately hoping for your next write. Keep on on the perfect work.

  25. Acklin says:

    ein sehr guter artikel reVierphone

  26. Received your blog post via msn the other day and absolutely think its great. Keep up this fantastic work.

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    • Altamash says:

      Nun, das von der iPhone App verwaltet werden können,
      eine Liste der Sonderzeichen können angezeigt und ausgewählt werden, indem Sie die entsprechende Buchstabentaste.

  31. Ed-Charles says:

    A truely remarkable idea! Would buy it as soon as it hits the market! Please let us know if and when this product becomes available!!!

  32. Hi friend. My partner and i seriously enjoy the article as well as your current webpage all in all! Your posting is actually incredibly clearly composed as well as very easily understandable. The WP design is awesome as well! Would definitely be fantastic to learn where I are able obtain it. Please hold up the very good job. We need much more these types of web masters just like you on the internet and much less spammers. Excellent mate!


  34. andy grif says:

    I like this design can you make one for the ipod touch? i see little modification to add a headset jack!

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  37. Victor Reiner says:

    Any progress getting a patent or manufacturing? I can deal with the onscreen keyboard but my typing with a physical keyboard is SO much better. Would love a simple design like this – or a landscape version which flips open and acts as a cover when closed.


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