GripDrive- Screwdriver Holder | Industrial Design

gripdriveScrewdriver- since invented has undergone many developments like ratcheting and powered mechanisms.  Still, the use of any screwdriver requires one hand on the handle and the other hand near the tip of the screwdriver shaft for a support grip.

gripdrive usage situation

‘GripDrive’ is a transparent plastic holder which provides a firm grip. This grip

1.       Provides support hold near the head of screwdriver, eliminating the need to hold the screw because the screwdriver’s head won’t slip off from the head of the screw.

2.       Eases the clockwise and anticlockwise rotation of the screwdriver and helps to maintain perpendicular penetration of the screw.

3.       Provides protection – your fingers are safe even if the screwdriver tip slips off.

GripDrive has a rubber ring for a grip on the platform and it can rest at the screwdriver handle when not in use.



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