Non-Destructive Head Phones | Industrial Design



Earphones and Headphones directly hit the ear drum with sound waves. This leads to loss in hearing and increased bacteria in the ear canal. Non-Destructive Head Phones are designed to let the sound waves reach your ear in a less destructive way.


This is achieved by not blocking the opening of the ear canal and by eliminating the direct firing of the sound waves in it.  It can keep the user well aware of the conversation around and other sounds from the surroundings.

Normally, the complete isolation from outside noise which results when headphones are used at greater sound levels, can be a hazard in itself.  A user could miss the sound of horns and walk into traffic with fatal consequences. Losing awareness of the situation can also lead to perilous consequences.

With Non-Destructive Head Phones, people won’t be able to hear what the user is listening to, unless they come very close. Non-Destructive Head Phones have soft buds to be comfortable near the ears helping us retain the second sense.



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3 Responses to Non-Destructive Head Phones | Industrial Design

  1. rudyamid says:

    Love this idea! Let me know when you get this into the market!

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  3. italo says:

    mee, too!

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