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In-Time Pills with expiry date engraved and printed on them

Humans are prone to diseases and sickness. Nearly all of us have consumed pills to be well. Pills have a very critical thing attached to them- the expiry date. After this date, the pills can be harmful instead of beneficial to our health. The existing ways of representation of the expiry dates on the pills don’t consider this criticality. In- Time Pills have the expiry date engraved or printed right on the pills so the patients can themselves check every time they are about to consume a pill. The application area of In-Time Pills is global. In- Time Pills represents a simple way of adding the expiry date right on the pills is independent and applicable to all irrespective of literacy, age, culture and geography.


Track expiry date on the bottle, Expiry date section tore off from strip of pills

Keep track of the expiry date on the bottle, Don't tear down the section mentioning the expiry date on the strip of pills

Keep track of the expiry date on the bottle, Don’t tear down the section mentioning the expiry date on the strip of pills

A lot of patients suffer by consuming expired pills. Patients don’t have to worry about the strip they tore off and accidentally lost the section which mentioned the expiry date. The same problem exists for pills which are packed in a bottle which also need to be tracked regularly just to make sure their expiry date has not passed. Patients who are assisted with pills by others can themselves check for the expiry.

The Expiry date is visible clearly and even patients with slight focal corrections are able to figure out the expiry date of the pills they are about to consume. In case of pills, the date mentioning the month and year of the expiry is engraved on the surface. In case of capsules, the expiry date is printed on the casings of the capsule.

Business Opportunity:
Every year, millions of pills are manufactured and consumed. They all mention an expiry date on the package. The concept of In- Time Pills can be implemented on all the pills and this would benefit the patients consuming these pills.

Known issues with design:
The methods to print or engrave the expiry date are similar to the methods used for putting the brand name on the pills and capsules. Cost-effective ways have to be considered to put information on the pills which changes with each batch.



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