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Conserve Fridge

Conserve Fridge

Conserve Fridge – cool air inside

Conserve Fridge – cool air inside

Conserve Fridge – traps cool air if a shelf is opened

Conserve Fridge – traps cool air if a shelf is opened

Conserve Fridge - the drawing

Conserve Fridge – the drawing


Conserve Fridge is a refrigerator designed to conserve its cool air and to save efforts to look what’s inside without opening it. The body is made of transparent, heat insulating polymer glass composite. Due to sliding individual shelves, user opens only the shelf having the desired item. The sliding shelf doors don’t force the cool air out which happens when the door of a normal refrigerator is opened. Hence, the cool air is conserved which saves power. With the ease to notice food inside it, it promotes to consume food items in time before they expire.

The design of a traditional refrigerator hasn’t undergone major changes in order to be futuristic and improve in terms of saving power and efforts.  Refrigerators are steel boxes; you still need to open them just to see what’s inside. The door pull action forces out the cool air from all the shelves and the cool air is again generated inside the refrigerator, which wastes electricity.

It’s easy to keep track of what items are present to plan your dinner. Also, you know when exactly to go for the groceries and before you go, it’s easy to prepare the list of items to be bought without opening the refrigerator. Food items inside are noticed easily, and so these can be accordingly consumed in time before they expire to reduce wastage.


Material properties have to be researched while selecting the material for the transparent body. Properties like transparency,  heat insulation, easy to mould for mass production ,  shatter proof  even in refrigeration, inexpensive , durable, etc. A polymer glass composite is suitable for the purpose.

The transparent individual sliding shelves are designed such that, user can see the items and since every shelf can be opened individually, only the ones which you need items from shall be opened- leaving the other shelves closed which conserves cool air and saves power. The sliding shelves don’t force out the air like what happens when you open the door of a normal refrigerator. The door is not pulled out to enforce outward force on cool air; instead it slides so that maximum air remains intact in other shelves. When a shelf is opened by sliding, the shelf rotates to open and provides easy access to the items at the back; hence you don’t need to shift/take out items to reach these. This reduces the door open time and saves more power and efforts.  Sliding shelves close automatically due spring action even if left open. The last shelf is the freezer compartment. The top of the Conserve Fridge is designed to be flat and allows items to be kept on it. Even though the shelves are separate individual parts, centralized cooling is possible as the shelves have groves which let the cool air pass between them. Moreover, the ergonomic design of the refrigerator makes it more notable and enhances the decor of any home interior.



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